The Grades page has two tabs:  Cycle Grades and Semester Grades.  When the Grades page opens, the Cycle Grades tab is displayed by default.


    The Cycle Grades tab displays the current grade averages for the current cycle and posted grade averages for previous cycles.  For the current semester and cycle, the assignment grades for each class can be viewed. For previous cycles and semesters, only the posted average is available.

    To see the assignment grades for the current cycle, click on the current cycle average for that course (shown as A below).  The grade average is expanded below the period row to display all grade data that has been entered.  To include assignments with blank grades, click in the box next to “Show Blank Grades” (shown as B below).  To view the expanded view for all courses, click on “Show All” (shown as C below).


    In the expanded grade view, the assignments are displayed by category (shown as A below).  For each category, the category weight is displayed (shown as B below), and the average for each category is displayed (shown as C below).  Assignments will display with the assignment title, the due date, and the grade received.  The Late and Redo columns indicate if the assignment was turned in late or redone.

    If an assignment has been dropped, the message “dropped” is displayed next to the grade.  If an assignment grade has been excluded, the message “excluded” is displayed in the place of the grade.  If an assignment is missing, an M is displayed in the place of the grade.  If an assignment is incomplete, an I is displayed in place of the grade.

    The Calculated Average (shown as D below) is displayed for the current cycle.  The Calculated Average is the average calculated using the student’s grades and the instructor’s method for calculating the average.  If the cycle is closed, the Posted Average would display.  The Posted Average is the actual grade that was posted for the class.  The posted average is the official grade that appears on the report card.

    If the teacher has included any notes about a particular assignment, a note icon displays next to the assignment name. Click on the note icon to read the information. If the instructor has entered any notes related to the student’s assignment grade, the notes are displayed below the grade.

    To close the expanded grade view, click on “close details” (shown as E below).