The Attendance page has three tabs:  Detailed Attendance, Calendar View, and Totals View.  Attendance data is current as of the date and time you logged into your txConnect account.  To refresh the data displayed, you must log out and log in again.  The date and time the attendance data was last updated is displayed at the top of the page by the student’s name.  To see attendance for another student in your account, click the student’s name in the Students list on the left side of the page.


    The Detailed Attendance tab is displayed by default when you first click on the attendance page.  Select between Semester 1 and Semester 2 to view the attendance.  The date will appear in the column heading if your student was marked absent or tardy for any period during that day.  If the student was not present for the entire class, a code is displayed for the period and date.  A description of each code is displayed in the Key section of the page.  If the student was present and on time for the entire day, the date is not displayed.


    To view your child’s attendance information in a calendar view instead, click on Calendar View.  All months for the current school year are displayed for the semester selected.  If your child was not present for the entire class for any period of the day, the day is highlighted on the calendar.  Click on the date to open the attendance details for the highlighted day.  The student’s attendance for each period the student was marked absent or tardy is displayed.  Click Close to close the attendance details dialog box for the highlighted day.


    Click on Totals View to see your child’s attendance and tardies totals for the semester selected.  The student’s classes are listed by period.  The total number of excused absences, unexcused absences, school related absences and tardies are listed.


    Please note: 

    School related absences are UIL events, field trips and other school related activities that take the student out of class.  When there are large numbers of school related activities taking place, especially at a high school, absences may show as unexcused until the attendance clerk has had time to process all of the school related absence forms.  Please be patient as the clerk updates these.

    Attendance clerks are updating attendance codes and processing attendance notes each day.  During peak illness times, it may take the clerk longer to process all notes received.

    Per the Parent/Student handbook, attendance notes (both parent notes and doctor notes) are to be turned in to the attendance office within three days of a student returning to school from being absent.