In order to sign up to have alerts sent to you via text, you must first register your email address to your txConnect account.  Registering your email address to your txConnect account is a quick and simple process.

    Log into your txConnect account and, from the Summary Page, click on the My Account tab.

    selecting my account tab screenshot 

    In the middle of the page, is the Mobile Number / Text Messages information.  Type in your phone number, including area code.  Do not include any hyphens between the numbers.  

    You will enter your cell phone number twice to verify that you have entered it correctly.  Once you have entered the number in twice, click on the “Verify Mobile Number” button.

    entering mobile phone number screenshot 


    A verification code will immediately be texted to you and a box to type in the verification code will appear.


    Type in the verification code and click on Verify Code.

    entering verification code screenshot 


    The verify code box will then be replaced with a box showing you the cell phone number associated with your account.  You can then change or disable the cell phone number registered to your account at any time.


    Once your cell phone number has been registered to your account, you can sign up to receive alerts via text message.  For more information on signing up for alert messages, please click here.


    If you change service providers, you will need to remove your cell phone number and re-enter it in order to sync your number with your new service provider.