Note:  Each email address can only be associated with one txConnect account.


    In order to sign up to have alerts emailed to you, to receive notification via email when report cards and interim progress reports (IPRs) are ready to view, and to utilize the email assistance for forgotten pass words or user names, you must first register your email address to your txConnect account.

    If you did not register your email address at the time you created your txConnect account, you can do so at any time.  Registering your email address to your txConnect account is a quick and simple process.

    Log into your txConnect account and, from the Summary Page, click on the My Account tab.


    In the middle of the page, is the Email Address information. Click on the “Resend Code” button to have an email sent to you with the verification code. 



    The Resent Code has been replaced with a grayed out box that says “Code sent”.


    The email will be sent immediately.  Log into your email account to retrieve the verification code.  If you do not see the email, be sure to check your spam/junk folder.

    The subject line of the email will be:



    The email will contain your verification code.  This code will contain a variety of numbers, letters (uppercase and lowercase) and/or symbols.  The verification code must be entered exactly as it appears, so it is recommended that you copy and paste the verification code into the appropriate box in your txConnect account.



    Once you enter the verification code you received, click on the “Verify Code” button.



    The verification code information will be replaced with your email address and a button to change or remove the email associated with your account. 

    Note:  Please remember, that if a parent or legal guardian gets a new email address, they need to contact their student(s) campus(es) to update the email information the campus(es) have on file.




    Your email address is now connected to your account and you will be able to use your email address to receive a forgotten password/user name.  You will also be able to receive email alerts for grades and/or attendance.  For information on setting up your alerts, please click here.



    You can also register your cell phone number to your txConnect account. Please click here for instructions on registering your cell phone number.