Canvas Art Club

  • Dear Canvas Art Club Candidates,

    We had an awesome turn out for the Art Club with over 100 students sign up! Because of this, we have decided to split into two separate groups so that everyone can participate. Group 1 will participate in the Art Club starting October 4th through February 14th. Group 2 will start February 21st through June 6th. Each group will have at least 7 different Art Lessons, 1 showcase/exhibit and meet 8 times.  If you are part of group 1 then you will not participate in group 2 and vice versus. Students will be notified with a letter home which group they will be participating in and the dates that their group will be meeting.

            Parents/Guardian’s please note that to be able to provide the Art Club to ALL of the participants we are in HIGH NEED of art supplies! If you would like to donate please drop off donations at Wiederstein’s front office or contact Mrs. Hirsch at 210-619-4564 and/or

            We are very excited to be able to provide this to ALL of the students who signed up and look forward to seeing you all.


                                                                    Anna Hirsch and Lori Shaw

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