Behavior Expectations

  • Class Rules

    Listen when your teacher is talking.

    Keep your feet and your hands to yourself.

    Follow directions quickly.

    Be safe.  Be kind.  Be honest.


    Raise your hand to speak.


    Every student starts every day on green. 



    PURPLE = Above and Beyond/Purple stamp

    BLUE = Great Day/Blue stamp

    GREEN = Ready to Learn

    YELLOW = Reflect/folder signed

    RED = Teacher’s Choice/folder signed


    At the end of the day, I will sign your child’s folder if any color other than green was given for the day.


    Positive reinforcements are given daily and there will be ways for students to earn a variety of rewards.



    I use the Class Dojo to help with classroom management. As soon as my class is setup, I will send you a parent login.


    Inappropriate behavior will result in consequences for the student. Consequences will vary based on behavior. 

    Behavior Notification:
    Folders will be sent home daily and require signature of parent/guardian.  Folders will be marked for behavior notification. If necessary, I will include a written response.  I am always available to talk with you about your child.  Please do not hesitate to message me through Class Dojo (the best way to get me)