Mrs. Ponder's Classroom

    Answers to....         


    1.  What's the best way to get in touch with my child's teacher during the school day?


    The easiest way to get in touch with me is through Class Dojo.  If you need me to call you, send me a message with your phone number and a good time to call, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 


    2.  Can we celebrate birthdays?


    Yea!!  We still celebrate birthdays! I need a 24 hours notification if you plan on sending in birthday treats for the class.


    3.  What if there is a change in the way my child gets home?


    Please, notify the office AND send me a message through Class Dojo if there is a change.  Even if it is for one day or the rest of the year.  I am unable to change their means of transportation without a note, email, or notification from the office.  


    4.  What should I do if we move or change contact numbers?


    Please, notify the office AND me ASAP if there is a change.  Emergencies do come up where you need to be notified immediately. 


    5.  What if my child is absent?


    We all know this get sick.  If your child misses 2 or more days please notify the school's office, 619-4550.  On the day your child returns, send a note with the dates they were out with the reason why.  Your child will have 3 days to make up work that was missed.


    6.  What time does school start?


    The students come to class at 7:55 and the tardy bell rings at 8:10.


    7.  My child lost their jacket, backpack, homework, lunchbox, reading book, library book, etc., etc., etc.....what now?


    The Lost & Found is located in the lobby of the cafeteria.  Please, label, label, label everything.