Classroom Expectations

  • Behavior Expectations

    School Rules
    1.  I will respect myself, others, and property.
    2.  I will be prepared to learn.
    3.  I will promptly follow directions.
    4.  I will make decisions that are safe for others and me.
    5.  I will sit, walk, and talk appropriately.
    Class Rules

    1.   Bullying is banned from our classroom!

    2. We will respect each other by:

    a.  raising our hand to communicate

    b.  listen while speaker is talking

    c.  keeping our hands and feet to ourselves

    d.  not distracting other students

    3. We will follow written or oral directions.

    4. We will attend school daily and be ready to learn!


    Behavior Consequences
    Inappropriate behavior will result in consequences for the students.  Consequences will vary based on infraction, but will follow steps outlined below: 
    Purple - Fabulous ALL day long!
    Blue - Doing a great job!
    Green - Great Behavior!
    Yellow - Warning
    Red - Teacher will sign student's planner.
    Behavior Notification
    Planners will be sent home daily with the "take-home" folder; and, if necessary, will include a written response of your child's behavior for the day.  The planner will also contain homework assignments and/or upcoming activities and is a great tool to keep you in the "loop"!  Planners require a signature of parent/guardian daily!  Also, please, please, please review and remove graded papers/notes home from the take-home folder.  :)

    **Positive reinforcement is a must, and students will be rewarded for good behavior!

    Hallway Expectations

    1. "Voices off"
    2. Face forward
    3. Hands to self
    4. Walk