General Information

  • General Information

    School Phone# 619-4700      School Hours 7:35-2:55

     Take Home Folder- This will be a communication folder between us.  I will place an assignment sheet in a plastic sleeve that will inform you of your child’s homework. I have labeled both sides of the folder with Return and Keep. Anything that I want returned will be placed on the Return side of the folder.   Any notes you have for me should be placed on the Return side also as I do not check the Keep side of the folder.  Any papers placed on the Keep side of the folder should be taken out of the folder daily. 

    Most nights there will be a reading assignment. If nothing is assigned, your child may choose what they would like to read. The most important thing is that your child reads daily. We appreciate your support and cooperation in this matter. It will make a huge difference in your child’s reading success.

    On the back of this folder will be a calendar to show your child’s daily behavior as well as the rules the students and I will create on the first day of school.  I believe having the students make their own ‘rules’ helps them to better understand the ‘why’ of discipline. Discipline in my classroom is based on the premise that all kids WANT to do ‘good’ and each person is valued and should be treated respectfully.  Good behavior is rewarded with specific verbal praise first and foremost. 

    In order to provide our class with the excellent educational climate they deserve, I will be implementing the following behavior management plan.  I will use a five color system to monitor behavior; purple, blue, green, yellow, and red.  The students color will reflect how many dojo points they have at the end of each day.

    When a child gets to red (Parent Contact) a note will be sent home explaining the misbehavior. Please sign and return the following day.

    Birthday Celebrations- If you would like, you may bring or send in a special store bought birthday snack to share with class. We must have 24 hours notice. We will celebrate at recess time.  You are welcome to send the treats in the morning. 

    Classroom Parties- We will have two celebrations during the school year. 

    I look forward to a rewarding year.  If you have any classroom concerns, please contact me as soon as possible. I check my email daily. My email address is