Rewards and Consequences

  • Rewards and Consequences


    Positive Rewards for student behavior:

    Students can earn a ticket each week for:

    1. No missing assignments

    2. Having their parent sign their planner 4x each week.  Since this is a good form of communication between parents and teachers, we encourage students to have their parents get into the habit of signing each night regardless if there is a note from the teacher.  Students will not be penalized for not having their parents sign their planners.

    3. Showing outstanding character

    4. Not having any planner signings from a teacher or administrator

    5. bringing back important things that need to be signed by parents

    Tickets can be used for:

    10 Dojo Points "5" chances for the impossible shot

    Reward for making Impossible Shot is: “Build-a-Pencil"

    30 Dojo Points= Classroom passes

    (homework pass, stinky feet pass, computer time pass, choose your seat pass)

    50 tickets= Eat lunch with the teacher

    Students may redeem tickets for  prizes offered by Specials' Teachers.

    1. Dojo Points for "No Missing Assignments," "4 parent signatures (positive)," and "No Red Teacher Signatures" will be awarded on Friday's by homeroom teacher.

    2. Students will be able to redeem tickets at their homeroom teacher's discretion.


    1st Offense: Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense:  Move Clip to yellow (Reflect) on the behavior chart

    3rd Offense:  Move clip to red (Teacher's Choice) on the behavior chart

    *Teacher's choice of consequence will be based on the offense.


    Responsibility is an important part of 4th grade.  For responsibility issues, students will be given their "verbal warning."  Parents will be notified for repeat offenders.  If the problem continues, administration may be brought in to help resolve the situation.  

    These consequences are taken directly from the student handbook.

    The consequences of having negative teacher planner signings are as follows:

    1.    6 signatures: teacher/student conference

    2.    9 signatures: teacher/parent conference via phone call

    3.    12 signatures: teacher/parent/administrator informal conference

    4.    15 signatures: discipline referral (sent to office), consequence issued by administrator

    5.    18 signatures: discipline referral, consequence (more severe than previous consequence) issued by administrator.

    Severe offenses of the student code of conduct will result in a discipline referral.