Classroom Rules

  •  Dear Parents                                                                August 2019

                Our Second Grade Team believes in order for all of our students to be successful, it is important for our students to respect each other.  Behavior is a key factor in learning, therefore, behavior which hinders teaching and/or learning will not be accepted.  In order to guarantee this, we are utilizing the following discipline plan:



                            Our class Behaviors:

                                        1.  Respect yourself, others students, adults, and school property.

                                        2.  Be prepared for all school activities.

                                        3.  Follow directions.

                                        4.  Allow others to work undisturbed.

                                        5.  Walk quietly at all times.



                If a student chooses not to follow a rule, he/she will have some type of verbal warning.  The second action warrants his/her folder to be signed and a time out.  The third action results in notification of parents via e-mail or phone and a time out.  The fourth action results in a notification to Mrs. Miller or Mrs. Filla.  If a child is considered to have severe or repeated misbehavior, an immediate referral to Mrs. Miller or Mrs. Filla will be made.


                Good behavior and following of the school’s rules are encouraged through many different types of positive reinforcements here at Paschal.  Students will have a Responsibility Chart that will be sent home and returned daily in their HERO Folder.  At the end of the nine weeks a student can earn the privilege of being a part of a planned group reward activity.  If you are proud of your child’s behavior, you may also want to praise and encourage him/her at home.


                It is in your child’s best interest that we work together.  We will be in close contact with you regarding your child’s progress and behavior in our classrooms.    If you have any questions or comments, write them on the back of this sheet prior to its return.  Please feel free to call with concerns or questions at any time, 619-4500.




                                                                                        Second Grade Teachers