Classroom Rules

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    Our 2nd Grade team believes in order for all of our students to be successful, it is important for our students to respect each other.  Behavior is a KEY FACTOR in learning; therefore, behavior which hinders teaching and/or learning will not be accepted.  If order to guarantee this, we are utilizing the following discipline plan:

    1.Respect yourself, peers, adults and school property

    2.Be prepared for all school activities (including homework)

    3.Follow directions

    4.Allow others to work undisturbed

    5.Walk quietly at all times

          If a student chooses not to follow a rule, he/she will have some type of verbal warning.  The second action warrants a folder signature and recess time out.  The third action results in notification of parents via phone, e-mail and a recess time out.  The fourth action results in a notification to Mrs. Miller or Mrs. Filla.  I work very hard with my kiddos to help them only be successful in my classroom.

         Good behavior and following these rules are encouraged through many types of positive reinforcements.  Students will have a Home Responsibility Folder that will be sent home and returned daily.  Please check this folder daily for notes, signatures, graded papers, incomplete work, etc.

         It is in your child’s best interest that we work together.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns whether it be via e-mail or note.


     For the First Nine Weeks, I let the parents know each day how their child is doing by writing it on their Responsibility Sheet that is kept in the Home Folder.  Many incentives are utilized in my room. Some examples of those would be Super Bucks or Team Marbles,  Class Incentives, along with school-wide incentives such as Bingo will be used, as well.  If a child needs more reinforcement with behavior, phone calls are utilized early to help the child "turn poor choice behavior around". If I see a pattern within a week. I keep in very close contact with my parents to help their child succeed, not only academically, but behaviorally. Both go hand in hand with learning. Again, if you ever have questions or concerns, always know I am available to contact.


    :) Mrs. Degollado