Library Fines for Lost or Damaged Books

  • There are no fines for overdue books. If the books are not returned, the student may not check out until the book is returned. However, books that are long overdue may be issued a fine. 

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    Long Overdue Books - - -

    1. For books that have not been returned in a timely manner, a note will be emailed, messaged via Dojo, or sent home with your child that includes the missing book's information.

    2. After 70 days, the long overdue book is considered LOST and a fine is created.

    3. An invoice is created in My School Bucks. Parents/ guardians will receive an email about the invoice. 

    IMPORTANT: Students will be unable to check out books if they have overdue books and/or library fines.



    • Lost Books

      • If a student/parent believes a book to be lost, please let the librarian know immediately.  Sometimes books do not get scanned back in, for whatever reason.  They may be believed to be lost, when, in fact, they are sitting on the shelf in the library.  Making the librarian aware of the issue may be an easy solution.
      • If, in fact, the book is lost, the librarian will issue a fine and an invoice will be emailed to the parent/guardian through My School Bucks.

      Damaged Books

      • Library books with minor damage can most likely be repaired by the librarian. 
      • Extreme damage, such as water/drink/food spills and pet chewing will result in a fine to replace the book. 
      • Parents/guardians will be issued an invoice through My School Bucks for damaged books. 



      When a student has an outstanding fine for a lost or damaged book, s/he may not check out until the fine is paid.

      Although I teach the students to take responsibility with their library books, the parent is initially responsible for lost, stolen, damaged books. If at any time, you wish your child to refrain from checking out books, please contact the library right away.

      I understand library books are expensive. Payment plans can be arranged if that helps with payment. Please let me know if you have problems paying for a library book.