• Recognizing the increasingly important role that volunteers play in education as they help to promote school/community partnership and enrich curriculum, the district encourages the use of volunteers to complement and supplement educational programs.

    Per the SCUC ISD GKC and GKG Administrative Regulations. Non-employees who wish to be on campuses or participating/assisting with activities have been categorized as the following:

    • Visitors – Individuals who may be on campus for shorter periods of time. (Ex. Lunch with student, ARD meeting).
    • Chaperones - These individuals may have short periods of times where they are directly overseeing students. (Ex. Field trips, field day).
    • Seasonal Extracurricular Volunteers / Out of town Chaperone Applicants - Individuals who may be on campus or around students for a longer period or more frequently. This could include individuals helping with extracurricular activities, performing routine jobs on a campus, serving as a chaperone for outof-town trips etc.

    VISITORS/OCCASIONAL VOLUNTEERS - These individuals will need to be run through the Raptor system using a driver's license, state ID, and possibly military ID (although in talking with Raptor, this would require manually entering information). A photo sticker will be provided and must be worn for the duration of the visit. Students should not be left alone with a visitor. 

    CHAPERONE REQUEST - These individuals will need to be run through the Raptor system using a driver’s license, state ID, and possibly military ID. To avoid delay in receiving clearance, it may be necessary for the individual to visit the campus prior to their service. Campus administrator will communicate timeline for processing Raptor requests. 

    SEASONAL EXTRACURRICULAR VOLUNTEER/OUT OF TOWN CHAPERONE APPLICANTS -  Applications will need to be completed by prospective Seasonal Extracurricular Volunteers and Out of town Chaperone’s online at least 10 business days prior to the start of the time in which the applicant would like to begin service. Please reach out to the your campus contact person for the Seasonal Extracurricular Volunteers and/or Out of town Chaperone’s you are wishing to participate in to request the Criminal History Record Check form link be emailed to you. 

    NOTE: An online application is not needed for visitors, volunteers or chaperones who are assisting on a campus during the school day with limited contact with students. These individuals are required to complete the Visitor Check-In procedure prior to being granted access to the building. Individuals working in the school shall work directly under the supervision of the principal or a campus coordinator designated by the principal of the school to which the volunteer is assigned. 

    CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECK - The Criminal History Record Check is a criminal history check that is authorized by the Seasonal Extracurricular Volunteer / Out of town Chaperone applicant. The information provided by the applicant is processed against Texas Department of Public Safety database to check for misdemeanor and/or felony violations. The criminal history record check will be completed on all Seasonal Extracurricular Volunteers and Out of town Chaperone’s. Once an applicant’s criminal history check has been cleared and approved, the individual will need to contact the campus principal or designee to obtain a Seasonal Extracurricular Volunteer / Out of Town Chaperone ID badge that includes a picture. ID badges must be worn above the waist and visible at all times when working district events or on campus. 

    The information above is just a small piece of our School Visitor/Chaperone/Volunteer policy. To read the complete policy for both GKC & GKG Administrative Regulations, please visit SECTION G - Community and Governmental Relations at