• Mr. Wray



    You have all chosen a most rewarding field of study to explore for future employment. Good study

    habits and an adherence to policy rules and regulations will make this a successful year for you with

    far reaching goals. Because this is a new field of study for many of you, it will require good study

    habits. What you learn today will help you in the tomorrows to come!



    • Be respectful
    • Of all people
    • Yourself, Teachers, Classmates, Administration and Support Personnel
    • Of all equipment
    • Room, Furniture, Lab Materials and Computers
    • Attend class everyday
    • Be on time
    • Be prepared
    • Be on-task

    Be resourceful:

    • Read
    • Think for yourself
    • Prioritize - Plan your work & work your plan


    Be careful:

    • Follow all lab safety procedures in the lab and classroom.
    • Report any problems that occur to the appropriate adult



    • Binder- big enough to fit either a semester/year worth of papers, worksheets, tests, quizzes, etc.
    • Index cards: used for medical prefixes, suffixes, and terms which we will have weekly quizzes over
    • You will need approximately 300 index cards
    • Pens: black or blue ink
    • Colored Pencils or Crayons




    Retesting: Students will be provided the opportunity to make-up or redo any summative assessment for

    which the student received a failing grade. The teacher shall record the average of the two grades. If

    mastery is not demonstrated, the higher grade will be recorded.

    Late work: is accepted 3 days after its due date. 10 pts per/ day will be deducted up to a max of 30 pts.

    Summative: 50%

    Tests, Projects, Research, Extended Labs, Unit Common Assessments, Major Writing Assignments

    Formative: 50%

    Daily work, Labs, Quizzes, Homework, Reading Logs, Minor Writing, District Benchmarks


    Classroom Policies and Procedures:

    1. Demonstrate respect for instructor and other students.
    2. Come to class on time. The school and district policy will be enforced in this class. I do count tardies!
        If you are tardy to class you must sign in to the binder by the door before taking your seat.
    3. There is to be absolutely no talking during the pledge and moment of silence4. Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated.
    5. In order to be recognized, raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
    6. No visitation allowed by friends in the classroom unless invited by teacher.
    7. Cosmetic and grooming aids may not be used in the classroom.
    8. If you are absent from a class, you are responsible for the make-up work. Students will get time for
       make-up work as per district policy. It is the student’s responsibility to get their make-up work
       upon their return to class.
    9. Any time you need to leave the room use must ask for permission from the teacher.
       If permission is given you must fill out the sign in/out sheet with your name destination and time
       you are leaving class.
       Take the corresponding pass so any administrator/faculty members knows where you are going.
       When you return back to class, make sure to note the time on the sign in/out sheet
    10. Each student will be given 4 restroom passes per semester so use them wisely.
       You must return back to class with 5 minutes when using a restroom pass.


    Cell Phones/Headphone Policy: In order to create a more positive learning environment, we will

    limit our cell phone use in class, and use the following phone “code system” in class.

    CODE BLUE: Cell phone is unresponsive for the day and must remain packed away and OUT OF SIGHT

    CODE PINK: Cell phone is abducted if misused/may use for instructional purpose but must ASK FIRST.

    CODE ORGANGE: Cell phone is hazardous to work if not on task. May use for group/instructional

    work however no YouTube, personal social media or games are allowed at any time.

    There will be a numbered cell phone holder in the back of the classroom.

    When asked, students will place their cell phone in the holder in their assigned spot.



    1st offense: warning and put in the cell phone jail and given back after class

    2nd offense: put in the cell phone jail and given after lunch or school and parent contact made

    3rd offense: put in the cell phone jail, home call, and administrative notification


    Special COVID-19 Procedures

    • Students must adhere to the policies and procedures set forth in the SCUC Instructional Plans for both

    on campus and @home learning. Information can be found at the following website:


    • If a student has chosen on campus learning, the student must comply with the following to help

    mitigate the spread of Covid-19

    •  Face Masks: To help keep close contact from occurring on campus, all SCUCISD students will be

    required to wear masks or face shields inside the building, and outside when unable to maintain six feet

    of distance from others.

    • Maintain a social distance of 6ft from other students in class.