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    Eileen Troncoso - Librarian PreK - 4th

    Class Schedule for 2019-2020                                                                   

    8:10-8:35 Open Checkout(Monday-Wednesday and Friday)


    9:15-10:10 Second Grade                                                                           .

    10:15-11:10 Fourth Grade                                                                    

    11:25-12:20 Third Grade                                                                      

    12:55-1:50 Kindergarten 

    1:50-2:45 First Grade






    Books on Cart  


    We will be checking out with 1st - 4th grades in our Destiny Library Search program in September. You can visit this Destiny site to search the school's library collection.  

    If students would like to see what they have checked out and when the items are due, they can use 


    Last Name (up to 13 letters) + First 2 Letters of First Name + Last 3 Digits of ID Number



    First 2 Letters of First Name + 6-Digit ID Number (including zero)