• I expect you to keep your materials organized.

      Required Supplies

      • 3 ring binder for notes/HW (1 ½ inch for all year)
      • #2 pencils with eraser 
      • TI-Nspire Calculator only recommended for use at home. The school provides calculators for use in the classroom only.

       The binder will hold all syllabus, notes, assignments, quizzes, STAAR formula chart and any other handouts.  Students should always refer to this binder when doing their homework, assignment, or studying for a test. 


      Classroom Expectations/Procedures/Rules

      • Class begins at the bell and is dismissed by the instructor, not the bell. Class will be dismissed when all calculators are returned and accounted for and all trash is picked up and disposed of and everyone is in their seat
      • School ID is to be worn at all times.
      • Restroom passes will not be given the first and last ten minutes of class or during instruction. You are only allowed to leave the classroom to use the restroom, office, hall, etc three times per 9 weeks.  I will give you a pass to let you go those three times and you must keep it with you.
      • Eating and drinking (other than water) is prohibited in class.
      • Electronic devices off or on silent (not vibrate) and in your backpack or purse. Devices will be confiscated if used or visible during the class period. The office will require a fee of $15. This includes ear buds. 
      • All submitted work must be in pencil.
      • When absent, it is your responsibility to catch up on what you missed.
      • You will not be allowed to work on other subjects during class nor will you be allowed to go to another class to work on assignments, projects, finish a test, etc.
      • Respect staff, fellow students, and the property of others including school property.


      Tutoring is available before school M, F 8:00-8:30 and Tuesday 4:05-4:35.  Afternoon tutoring could change throughout the year.  If you can't make it, there are other math teachers that have tutoring times that can be looked at outside my door. Tutoring is for extra instruction on topics that you are having difficulty with.  It is also for retaking quizzes and tests or to make up quizzes and tests you missed.  It is not for extra credit or to catch up when you choose not to participate in class.  Merely coming to tutoring does not earn you extra points or improve your average, it is what you do in tutoring that will improve your grade.  Come to tutoring prepared with what you need to work on.  Individual arrangements can be made for time outside of posted tutoring days. Do not wait until the day before a test or the day of the test to come in for tutoring.

      Google Classroom

      We will be using google classroom so you will be expected to have a google classroom account to watch lessons, do homework, find homework, etc.  You will use your school email to log in to your google classroom.

      Semester Exams

      Semester exams (given at the end of the second and fourth nine-weeks) are comprehensive exams that allow the teacher and the student to assess the acquisition of knowledge and skills covered during the grading period.  Semester exams are not calculated as part of the nine week grade but as 20% of the final grade for the semester. Students can be exempt 2nd semester if certain requirements are met. That information will come out later.  Semester exam can not be retaken due to failing grades.

      Take charge of your learning. Pay attention and engage in class.  Ask questions, correct mistakes, retake quizzes and tests, come to tutoring, do the classwork and practice. Stay organized, be accountable, be responsible and don't quit.