• Coach Pawelek- World History Classroom Rules and Grading Policies



    1. Respect your teacher and your classmates- Character counts! - No profanity, insulting remarks or harassment of any kind is allowed.
    2. Tardies are assigned according to school policy.
    3. Follow the teacher's directions the first time they are given.
    4. Keep the classroom neat and clean.
    5. Remain seated until the teacher dismisses you.
    6. Do not speak while the teacher or another student is speaking

        to the class. Raise your hand if you wish to to make a comment or ask a

       question. Talk only when the teacher gives you permission.

    1. Come to class prepared. A textbook will be provided for you (I have 30

        classroom copies). You need paper, pen or pencil, and a notebook or


    1. Late work will follow school policy!If you are absent it is your

        responsibility to get the make-up work.

    1. Hall passes will only be given in emergencies. Take care of personal

        business before or after class.

    1. Disruptive class behavior will be dealt with according to the Student-

         Parent Handbook.

    1. No food or drink is allowed in the classroom. No grooming articles are to

          be used during class.

    1. Grading policies : Tests will count as 50 % of your grade each 9

          weeks. Test grades will include written tests, projects and a notebook.

    1. Daily work will also count as 50% of your 9 weeks grade. Daily work

          will include daily assignments in class, homework, and quizzes. Refer to the

          district grading guidelines link on my website.

    1. This class consists of 2 semesters. Your grade will be determined at the

         end of each semester by the following formula - each 9 weeks grade

          40 % and the semester exam will be 20%.

    1. Parents may reach me via e-mail at zpawelek@scuc.txed.net
    2. Respect is the key to a good experience in this class. Respect your

          classmates, teacher and yourself!

    1. Refer to the link on my website home page for the pacing calendar and my homework