•  Schedule Changes for next school year (2021-2022)


     A list of courses your child is registered for the 2021-2022 school year has been mailed to your home. Please review the courses carefully with your child and submit any changes no later than Thursday, April 1, 2021. Please keep in mind that if a course does not make or your student does not meet the pre-requisite(s) of a course he/she has selected, counselors will refer to alternates that your student can list below.

    Please note, per district policy, students who pre-register for an advanced course (Honors or AP/IB) in the spring and do not request a change by the assigned deadline (April 1, 2021), must remain in the class for the first six weeks of school before a change to an on-level course will be considered. Advanced courses may have additional requirements and/or recommendations over the summer and throughout the year. Please visit the high school website for information pertaining to the individual course requirements. Also, please remember, this is just a list of course selections, not an actual schedule.

    If your child has selected Dual Credit classes but has not completed the requirements for Dual Credit, a Course Change Request form will need to be completed to indicate which classes will be taken as AP or as on-level.

    The Course Catalog with descriptions and Course Choice Sheet can be viewed on the Clemens Counselor website at https://www.scuc.txed.net/Page/17328.

    You can complete the Course Change Request that was mailed to you and return it to your child's counselor or you can make a Course Change Request here: https://forms.gle/R1mmAnm7C9Dqf7Ci9

    Please feel free to reach out to your child's counselor if you have any questions.


    Thank you for your support!


    Clemens Counselors