• Chemistry – Classroom Procedures

    How to enter the room

    Collect handouts from the “pick-up” bin upon entering the classroom (if any). Check the board for instructions and take your seat quickly and quietly and begin your prime time questions.

    If you're tardy…

    Don’t make a lot of noise as you enter the room; sign the tardy clipboard. Check with me to ensure I count you present after the warm-ups. 

    If you were absent yesterday…

    Check the absentee folder for any missing work or notes. Also check my website for any assignments that might be there. Contact me if you’re having difficulty finding anything in any of those places.  

    If you need to sharpen your pencil…

    Pencils should be sharpened prior to the start of class or during transition periods. Please refrain from sharpening your pencils while someone is speaking. You may use one of the provided pencils until you are able to sharpen yours.

    If you need to use the restroom…

    Please use the restroom during your own time.  If you need to go specifically to the restroom, you will write your name in a log and take a hall pass, returning as soon as possible.  Minimize the “revolving door.”

    If you need to go to the nurse…

    If it’s not an emergency, wait until I am not giving instructions and ask me for a nurse’s pass. 



    Grades will be based on a point logic system. The breakdown of each category is as follows:

                     Summative (Tests/Projects) – 50%         Formative(Daily/Quizzes/Labs) – 50%       

    Late Work & Absences

    Daily work will be collected up to two days late per day absent.  Check the absentee folder and my website for any notes and worksheets. Appointments must be made as soon as possible to make up an assessment or a lab. You will lose 10 points per day from any assignment turned in late. After the 3rd day, the highest grade you may receive is a 70.  Any assignment turned in Late work WILL NOT be accepted after 5 days. Please refer to the district grading policy.

    School Business

    I work closely with the coaches, sponsors, directors, and other teachers at school to help you (the student) be successful in all areas of your lives. If you are going to be out due to school business, it is your responsibility to come to me before or after school BEFORE the day of the event to get make-up work.  


    Exams are designed with the intent to evaluate what you know as well as to prepare you for college.  There will be opportunities for retests for anyone who scores below a 70. Retests and make-up tests must be scheduled with the instructor within a week of the original test. After a week, you will only be allowed to take the retest and it will be for a max of a 70.


    Homework is intended to be practice of the skills learned in class so that you can master those skills. Homework is necessary for your learning. Due dates and expectations will be defined clearly. Any work not completed in the allotted time in class will automatically become homework. 

    Cheating & Plagiarism

    As a teacher, it is my calling to make sure that you engage in the challenge of learning Chemistry. Cheating enables you to avoid that challenge, and ultimately proves to be detrimental to yourself and your future. Accordingly, cheating WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in a ZERO on the lab, assignment, or test as well as the notification of parents and coaches. There will be no make-up work for cheating.

    Electronic Devices

    All personal electronic devices are to be put away upon entering the classroom. You will be permitted to use them ONLY when it is warranted. If devices are out without instructor’s permission, they will be confiscated and turned into the front office.


    Chemistry Supplies Needed (When we start on-campus instruction)


    Wish List

    1 inch Binder or a section in an existing binder

    Paper Towels

    Pens, Pencils




    Office Hours

    Please check my website for the team tutoring schedule. I will also post my tutorial schedule outside my door.


    I will be using email and my Google Classroom as a primary method of communicating with you and your parents. I will be placing assignments on Google Classroom daily. If you are absent, please go there to print any necessary materials as well as watch a tutorial for that day.


    Parents, you can reach me best through email at tybaker@scuc.txed.net. As part of my dedication to your students’ success in this class, you can trust that I will be contacting you not only to discuss your students’ challenges, but also (and more importantly) to discuss their successes and strengths. 

    Remind 101

    For frequent reminders  and class updates please join my Remind 101 by asking for the code in class.