• The Brady-Driscoll-Davis Pod

    Remote Learning Information and Expectations

    Below, you will find a one-stop-shop guide to the information you and your child needs to connect with their teachers and remote-learning content.

    General Contact Information:


    Available Time: Monday - Friday 1:00 - 4:00pm


    • During these times, we will strive to respond immediately to questions and comments we receive through Dojo and Google Classroom. 


    • Should your child require personal tutoring or help with anything, please contact us through Dojo or Google Classroom to schedule a time. From there, we will provide instructions to receive personal assistance online.


    Primary Parent Communication: Dojo


    Primary Student Communication: Google Classroom (Comment section of the assignment).


    • IMPORTANT: Please keep comments in Google Classroom relevant to the assignment or content so that the thread does not get bogged down with unnecessary messaging.


    Course Expectations:

    All students must access Google Classroom through their ClassLink.


    You can access Classlink here.


    Each course (Math, Language Arts, Science/Social Studies, Specials) will have lessons and assignments for the entire week posted each Monday in Google Classroom and are due the following Sunday. 


    Students must log into each respective Google Classroom to access their assignments for each class.

    From Eagle Administration:

    Distributing Student Devices 

    Earlier this week SCUC ISD shared this Student Device Home Survey to help us determine how many electronic devices the district would need to provide our students.  Based on those results, our technology department will begin distributing Chromebooks or iPads to families that completed the survey.  Parents, if you completed the survey, please be looking for an email or a phone call this week from the SCUC ISD technology department for a date, time and location to pick up and sign for a device.

    Parent Check in Form - Please complete this Google Form from Mrs. Holladay if you haven’t already done so. It lets us know whether you have everything you need to access remote learning content from home.


    Counseling Opportunities: 


    •  Dr. Bob Google Classroom Code   mcd3sfn

    Language Arts with Mrs. Brady

    Google Classroom Codes: 


    • Brady Code    yhjihsm
    • Davis Code    3uldqsy
    • Driscoll Code  asydfeo


    Google Voice # (210) - 816-0918

    Social Studies/Science with Mr. Driscoll

    Google Classroom Codes:


    • Davis Code     6isuge7 
    • Driscoll Code  3ak32sx
    • Brady Code     vspybk6


    Google Voice # ‪(210) 802-7868‬



    Mathematics with Mr Davis:

    Google Classroom Codes


    • Brady Code      tfx6fo5
    • Davis Code      prv5xbu
    • Driscoll Code   odczm72


    Google Voice # - (210) 816-0877


    Specials Classes

    • PE Google Classroom Code - xdq22zv