• Get a Head Start on College in High School

    Alamo Community College District (ACCD) offers college classes to qualified high school students in the ACCD service area. Dual Credit classes are taught by college faculty at an ACCD campus or high school campus. Students can take several general education/core curriculum classes. The Federal Government is on of the classes that is offered for Dual Credit by ACCD. Students who successfully pass all requirements and meet the education objectives atboth the high school and college will get credit for both.

    ACCD credits are transferable to most Texas public college and universities. It’s important to verify course transferability with the intended four-year institution to make sure credits will count towards degree plan.

  • Tuition and Associated Costs
    Tuition and fees are waived for in tax district students for up to 12 eligible classes. Dual Credit students are assessed regular tuition and fees for additional classes that exceed 12 classes covered by the tuition waiver.  Dual Credit tuition and fee waivers do not cover textbook and material fees, which must be purchased by the student.