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    Box Tops “How To” Guide

    Box Tops for Education donates up to $20,000/year to K-8th grade schools when specially marked products are purchased and either the box tops are mailed or scanned in. Most box tops are worth 10 cents each. There are bonus opportunities that can double and triple the value. There are now 2 ways to earn Box Tops for Education money. This information will tell you how.

    The Way you Always Knew- cut it out

    Normal Box Tops with an expiration date on the outside of your purchased product can be clipped and dropped off at Corbett Jr. High. On the wall to the right of the Attendance Office at Corbett, is a box labelled “Box Tops”. Box Tops are gathered and mailed in twice a year. The box top clipped is only good through the expiration date on the box top. If the expiration date or parts of the box top is missing, it is void.

    The New Way - Scan the Receipt

    Most Box Tops for Education products are transitioning to the new scanning method over the clippable one. The receipt noting the purchase of participating products should be scanned into the Box Tops App. The scan MUST include the date and time of purchase. This requires you to set up a Box Tops account and identify Corbett as your selected school (you can change your selected school to allow you to credit multiple children - such as one month is Corbett and the next month is another school, etc). The entire receipt (except credit card info) must be uploaded to Box Tops within 14 days of purchase or it is void.

    If you don’t want a Box Tops account, you can take a picture of your receipt (please fold over or black out your credit card information) and email it to corbettptc@gmail.com. We will scan and upload it for you. The receipt should be emailed to our email within 10 days of purchase to allow us time to get them uploaded.

    - Box Tops will pay up to $20,000/year to a school based on the volume of Box Tops received for grades K - 8.


    - Box Tops are going digital and will require scanning and submitting your receipt (with applicable purchases) within 14 days to the Box Tops website via app.


    - If you do not want to create an account and upload them, you are welcome to take pictures of your full receipt (feel free to cover or fold over the portion with your payment information) including date of purchase and email it to us at: corbettptc@gmail.com within 10 days of purchase. We will upload them for you.


    -  We will continue to collect the clippable box tops as well and submit them in the Spring. Please gather them and send them to the school. We have a box on the wall to the right of the Attendance Clerk's window in the front lobby for them.


    - Our goal this year is $500. Corbett earned less than $30 last year. Remember this is “free” money that requires no fundraising from your kids, just a watchful eye to get credit for what you are already purchasing. We already have earned over $50 this year.


    - Keep an eye out on this page and our Facebook for Bonus Box Tops opportunities.

     Box Tops Tidbit - November
    Thru 2 December 2019
    Participating Items:
           - Earn 3 Bonus Box Tops on Fall Flavored Cheerios - buy any 2 Fall Flavor boxes
           - Earn 3 Bonus Box Tops on GoGurt - buy any 2 
           - Earn 4 Bonus Box Tops on Bugles and Totino's - buy 1 Bugles and 2 Totino's
           - Earn 4 Bonus Box Tops on Annie's - buy any 3
           - Earn 3 Bonus Box Tops on Chex Cereals - buy any 3