Rules & Expectations

  • Class dojo is a behaviorial management tool used to manage the classroom and ensure students are making good choices and following the school code of conduct. Every student starts off the day on GREEN.  If the student is not making right choices, the student is given a warning before taking away a dojo point.  If student is consistently making good choices and doing what is asked, the student can earn BLUE (Great Day) or above and beyond, Purple (Awesome Day).


    PURPLE =   9 - 10 dojo points (Awesome  Behavior)

    Students earn this for going “above and beyond” what is expected of them.


    BLUE = (6 - 8 dojo points) Great Behavior

    Students earn this for making great choices.


    GREEN =  (0 -5 dojo points) Responsible/Ready to Learn Behavior

    Student is ready to learn.


    YELLOW  =  (Negative 1 -2 dojo points) Reflection

    Students will lose 5 minutes of recess/free time to think about their choices.


    RED =  (Negative 3-4 dojo points) Teacher Choice/ Parent Contact

    Students will lose 10 minutes of recess/free time or phone call to parent. Student can have immediate office referral (depending on the infraction)



    • At the end of the day your child’s color will be recorded in student’s planner.
    • The color indicates how student’s day went.