components of school counseling
  • As part of the SCUCISD Comprehensive Counseling Program, school counselors are required to meet the needs of students under the following components:

    Class Guidance - Guidance lessons are offered to students K-4th grade. K-4 students will focus on the Zones of Regulation.

    Responsive Service- Students, teachers, parents, and administrators may refer students to work with me. Many social and emotional skills are visited during individual or small group counseling sessions. Topics can vary but some of the more common topics are conflict mediation, friendships, lack of motivation, social skills and regulating their feelings.

    Systems Support - This allows me to work with teachers and parents as I play the role of an advocate for the child. It is very important for your child to feel comfortable in class so they are ready to learn. I can also offer outside resources to help your child's social and emotional well being.

    Individual Planning- I am available to meet students individually to work on a goal to be more productive in class.