• Sept. 3 Week 3

    It’s week three and we’re starting to run! We had our parent meeting last week. Below you will find links to those documents discussed. Please ask any questions you need to so that the kids can be successful.


    Meeting Documents




    Handbook and Form

    Read the Hand Book Here:


    Sign that you’ve read that handbook and the beginning of year presentation here:




    We used and assigned page 7 in Warm ups and Beyond today. We are starting to use the tuners and metronomes as well. Beginners started using mouthpieces today. Here are the supply lists.




    Beginner 6th Grade (Students should be practicing 5 days a week outside of school with one day on the weekend. The sessions should last for 15 minutes at least right now and will be increased as they start playing at home.)

    • Flash Cards of first 5 notes: parents help them out with this as it translates right into Speed Staff
    • Speed Staff- Say the note names on the paper
    • Study and form embouchure using the worksheet handed out in class

    6th Grade Concert and Honor Band (Students should be practicing 30-40 minutes, 5 days a week outside of school.)

    • Warm Up’s and Beyond Page 7 (10 minutes)
    • Playing Rhythm and Note reading on pages 6-13 of their Tradition of Excellence Book 1 (30-40 minutes)
    • Metronomes should be out and set to 60-100 for practicing. They should only go above 100 when they know the song well. Clip on microphone should also be on.
    • Line 22 in Tradition Book 1 is their test due by Friday.

    Preparation Grades

    Your students will start receiving preparation grades that cover a few different things. Please make sure that you are helping them succeed by making sure they consistently practice and have their band supplies with them. They can make any of this up if they come to a morning practice session. They are graded in class over:

    • Posture and hand position
    • Progress and tone refinement
    • Sizzle, Singer, Tah, and Silent practice tasks
    • How well they can play the lines assigned from the previous classes (Meaning did they practice or come in for help.)
    • Having equipment in class every day with a deduction of 20 points per day they are missing something. I’m counting off for two things in Concert/Honor Band- Instrument and Tradition of Excellence Book 1.


    Aug. 26 Week 2

    Cut Time Emails

    Some of you may have received a welcome email to Cut Time this past week. This is me adding you to the Cut Time System. I do still have to go through some of the accounts and change you to be a parent as some of you are "student" members. This could mean that you will receive duplicate emails. Please be patient with me as I work through this. Reply to this email if you get more than one of the same email, and I will take a look at your account.

    Band Parent Meeting August 27 @ 6:00 pm in the Wilder Cafe

    We are having our annual parent meeting tomorrow evening at 6:00 pm. This meeting is for all parents of children in band. Items from the meeting will be emailed out as well as be put on the band website if you can't make it. French Horns, Baritones, and Tubas can be picked up for at home use if the fee has been paid. Honor Band Families will also get information at this meeting.

    School Owned Instrument Invoices are ready.

    In order to start taking the instrument home fees must be paid at myschoolbucks.com. Invoices were sent out over the weekend. If you do not see one in your account, but you should have one please let me know. If you rent an instrument from Music and Arts or High School Music, this fee is not for you.

    At Home Arrangements for Practice

    Please make sure your child has a space at home that is clear and quiet so that they may practice for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week. This area should be free of distractions, have a stand that holds music well, a chair that promotes good posture, and it should be said that any materials in this area are packed up routinely when the student is done practicing. Items that need to go to school should be put either in their backpack nightly with their instrument next to their backpack.


    I know you're all ordering the supplies, and it will take time to get here. I appreciate you all taking the time to do that. I do recommend that you label all items with their name before coming to school. Percussion parents- Please only order the Mallet book of Warm Ups and Beyond. If you already purchased the regular Percussion book, try to return it, and if you can't return it because you did the right thing and put their name in it- let me know. 


    Any other questions can be responded to with a reply to this email. Thank you for supporting your children in band! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow or hearing from you through email!


    Aug. 19 Week 1

    Good Afternoon and Happy New Year Wilder Band!

    Here are some notes to make the first few weeks of band go smoothly. First: If you are renting your own instrument for your child, please have them bring it on Wednesday. Cubbies will be assigned tomorrow.

    If your child plays a school owned instrument, they will receive their contract tomorrow or if you have them bring their contracts tomorrow. Contracts are linked in the slides presentation below. The form will need to be turned in no later than Friday. Instruments can start going home when the fee is paid online and I will invoice you once I receive your contract.

    Please go through this Slides presentation. Take care of first week paper work.


    In this presentation, you will find links to forms to fill out, websites to visit, supply lists and other information pertaining to being successful in band. Please read the whole presentation and fill out the forms. Then ask questions if you need to.

    I look forward to seeing your kiddos this week, and parents at the meeting! Thank you!