• Texas History

    Coach Barnes 2020-2021
    Email: jbarnes@scuc.txed.net School Phone: (210) 619-4150

    In this course, you will identify and learn about the major eras in Texas history beginning with Natural Texas and its People and continuing on to Contemporary Texas.
    You will learn about the people, events, and issues that have shaped - and continue to shape - the state of Texas.
    From the beginning, geography and the environment have greatly affected the settlement and growth of Texas. In turn, Texans have adapted and modified the
    environment to meet their needs. You will read about how people from many different lands have contributed to the arts, customs, language, and history of Texas.
    These immigrants have helped create a unique Texas culture, often while preserving their own cultural heritages.
    You will examine the basic principles that serve as the foundation of the Texas constitution and the Texas Bill of Rights. These principles guarantee our individual
    rights and basic freedoms. You will learn that, as citizens, we are free to exercise our rights. In return, we are expected to fulfill certain responsibilities. You will also
    see how the free enterprise economy of Texas is consistent with the state’s history of rights and freedoms.

    ● Colored pencils or crayons and personal pencil sharpener put in a small, zipped bag(so you won’t lose them)
    ● Pens and pencils, including a red pen for grading
    ● Composition notebook for daily warm-up (at least 80 pages)
    ● Loose leaf paper (wide-ruled)

    ● Do our best in everything
    ● Organize or Area
    ● Be respectful of our time
    ● Include yourself in our activities
    ● Enter our space quietly
    ● Participate in class discussions/cooperative learning.
    ● Complete all classwork and homework on time.
    ● Map work, notes, reading and projects will be part of our curriculum.
    ● I WILL NOT let you interfere with my teaching or your classmates’ right to learn, if you choose not to cooperate, the following will result:
    ● Conference with student and/or parent
    ● Referral to administrator


    ● Summative 50%- Minimum 3 Assessments per 9 Weeks (Tests/Projects/Research/Unit Common Assessments/Major Writing
    ● Formative 50% -Minimum 10 Assignments per 9 Weeks (Daily/Quizzes/Homework/Reading//Minor Writing Assignments)
    ○ Remember: Zeros affect your average...So some credit is better than NO credit...
    Late Work:
    ● Medically- excused absences -1 missed =2 days to complete w/out penalty
    ● 10 points will be deducted for late day up to 30 points.
    ● Late assignments will be accepted within 3 school days, not to exceed the end of the 9 week grading period.
    ● Students are responsible for make-up work after an absence.