All students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to learn. 

    Composition books are required every day. I will have the objective posted for the student every day in class. The objective tells the student what we are doing that day. I also post an essential question each day. If the student is able to answer that question, they understand the lesson that is taught. 

    Homework: Any classwork not finished in class is homework. Which is due the next time they come to Science. If a student doesn't understand the assignment I make myself available in the mornings for tutoring. They must request it. We will periodically have homework in Science. 


    I give all my students respect and I listen to their needs and wants. I expect the same thing in return. I design my classroom in a way that we feel comfortable and safe every day. If a student does not feel this way in my room, please contact me and we can find a solution that best benefits the student. 


    Don't forget to wear your mask to school.