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Ms. Andrews

Welcome to Algebra 2, Independent Math Studies or Math Strategies/Algebra 1.

My Schedule

1-Algebra 2

2-Algebra 2

3- Independent Math



6/7 Math Strategies

8-Algebra 2

Here are the SCUC District grading guidelines Grading guidelines

Here are the TEKs for all Math classes

Here is the link for my pacing calendars

Here is the bell schedule for Samuel Clemens 

Period 1    8:40-9:30 Period 2    9:35-10:30 Period 3/A Lunch  10:35-11:25 Period 4/B Lunch  11:30-12:20 Period 5/C Lunch  12:25-1:15 Period 6/D Lunch  1:20-2:10 Period 7    2:15-3:05 Period 8    3:10-4:00 


I expect all student to arrive on time and be prepared to learn.  If they have struggled with any assignment I hope they ask questions so we can clear up any misconceptions and build upon.  


I graduated from Texas State University with a Masters in Math Curriculum and have been a teacher for 13 years.  If you ever need to contact me email works the best.  My email address is

I have tutoring Monday, Wednesday, Thursday monrings starting at 8 am.  I have afternoon tutoring Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays until 440 pm.