Kindergarten Sight Words



    Schertz Cibolo Universal City ISD 


    High Frequency Words 

    Updated: 8/8/2017  

       a*      am      an      and      at      can         do*      go       he        I        in       is*    

       it        like        me       my         no      see 

       so        the*    said*      to*        up      we 



    Kindergarten Extension List 1:

    zero   one*   two*   three   four*   five   six   seven eight  nine   ten      all     but   could* down  has  her    him  how   make    of*    they*  this  was* with   went  your*  


    Kindergarten Extension List 2:

    are   because*   came   day   eat   friend*   from* give*   have*     his*    into* know* more     not new    nice       our    over  saw  people*  that under  want*    were*  when  which  why                  


    *Words that do not fit into spelling patterns (Irregular ‘Heart’ Words) Note: 25 high-frequency words is the minimum number established by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  Kindergarten students will gain far more than 25 high frequency words during their kindergarten school year. The extension list is intended as challenge words for students who can read and write the kindergarten high frequency words with automaticity.