• Anchor 18+ Anchor Transition Program

            Marion Dolford Learning Center


    Teachers: Adriana White and Daria Whalen




  • Compass 18+ Compass Transition Program

                         Byron P. Steele High School


                             Teacher: Allen Beardsley


  • Students receiving special education services who have an individualized education plan are eligible to continue receiving services through the 18-21 transition programs. Students must meet all minimum requirements for graduation and have been identified through their IEP's, the ARD team and assessment data to continue for services. Students receive a diploma once all IEP requirements have been met. 

    Depending on the level of need and the recommendation by the ARD Committee, appropriate placement is made between the Anchor and Compass programs.

    For more information regarding the 18+ Transition Programs, please contact 210-945-6438 or 210-945-6458.

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