Most Common Chunks in Print

  • Most Common Chunks in Print


    The most common chunks below(also known as word families) are found at he end of words and can help your child read and write many new words.  For example, -ack family

    -If I can spell/read back, I can spell/read black, sack, tack, rack, jack, slack.....Knowing these word families will help your child a much better reader and writer.


    ack     an      at     en      id      ing     or     ug

    ad      and    ate    ent     ide    ink     op     ub

    ail      ank     aw    est     ight   ip       ore   um

    ain     ap      ay     et       ike    it        ot     un

    ake    ar       ed     ice      ill     ock     ough  ur

    all      ash     ell     ick      in     og      ound  up

    ame             er                      old      ow    un

    ale                                        ook     oy   unk