Guided Reading Information

  • Guided Reading

    Guided reading is very important in first grade.  It consists of 6 or less kids.  Anyone on level or right below meets 4x a week.  Everyone that is above is anywhere between 3x to 1x a week.  We try to test students on their book level frequently.

       Higher kiddos we tend to focus on comprehension.  Can they remember the who, what, where, when, why?  We want them to see the deeper meaning and we will typically send home or give them an in school activity to do over their book.  We also fine tune their expression"reading like and actor" and fluency (reading like you speak.) They may have their book longer than other students because we are doing so many things with it other than just "reading"

      On level kiddos we work on it all!  We do a lot of phonics work, fluency, comprehension, etc.  They may have 1 book or 2 books a week.  It just depends on how their groups are doing with that particular book, not just how one student is doing on it. However, if a student excels with their book they may be ready to move to the next level early. 

       Below level kiddos might have 2-3 books.  This way we have many books to show them and they are less likely to memorize the story.  We do a lot of word work, and these books have a lot of pictures.  The kids in this group to work on what to do when they don't know a word.

    If you are ever concerned about your child and reading please don't hesitate to contact me.   :)