Classroom Rules



    Dear Parents,


    These are the rules the class and I agreed on and wrote the first week of school.  I would really appreciate it if you would go over these rules with your child.  We have been practicing them everyday.


                     Classroom Rules

    1.     Respect others, self, and property

    2.    Listen when others are talking

    3.    Raise your hand before talking

    4.    Always tell the truth


         As we decided on the rules we talked about what these rules would “look” like: respect means no hitting, yelling, name-calling, fighting, hands to yourself.  Listening when the teacher is talking as well as your classmates.  Raising your hand and waiting to be called on.  Telling the truth even if it will get you into trouble.

         Consequences for repeated breaking of these rules will be:  warning, clothespin moved, conference with teacher, time-out, discipline folder signed, phone call, principal’s office.

         Rewards for good behavior will include happy parents and teacherJ, verbal praise, individual rewards such as earning tickets, popsicle sticks towards a trip to the “treasure box”, marbles for table groups, and “caught you being good” cards.

         Please sign below and return.  Thanks for discussing these rules with your child and helping me to help them!


                                                                Mrs. CopelandJ