• Jan. 14th

    Video – Falsely Imprisoned  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOx3Clb6U_8


    1.       How would you feel if someone lied about doing something?

    2.       Would it be easy or hard to forgive them?


    Jan. 21st

    Video – Teenage Unforgiveness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29D1VmurGsM (you can stop the video early if needed)


    1.       Have you ever let anger towards someone else effect you?

    2.       Is it possible to forgive them even if they don’t say they’re sorry?


    Jan. 28th

    Forgiveness Rocks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z5BRj6mJ7M


    1.       Like the rocks the kids carried, how do you think anger puts a load on us or our day?

    2.       How do we let go of hurt, anger or resentment?


    Wilder 2019/20 – Generosity
    Service Oriented/Diligence/Cooperation

    Dec. 3rd

    Video – 3 year-old donates to Fire Station



    1.       How was Keegan service oriented?

    2.       How would that have felt to give up birthday presents?


    Dec. 10th

    Video – Ramp It Up Teen Volunteers



    1.       What did the teens give of themselves for the families? (time, time with friends or other activities, etc. )

    2.       How do you think cooperation plays a role in the project?


    Dec. 17th

    Young adults eat with widow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyhQyi_KrWE


    1.       What did the 20 year-olds give of themselves? What gift did they give the widow?

    2.       How comfortable or uncomfortable would it have been to talk with someone you don’t know? How would you have started the conversation?


    Wilder 2019/20 – Gratitude
    Service Oriented/Gratitude/Consideration

    Nov. 12th  - Gratitude


    ·         Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yA5Qpt1JRE4&t=23s

    ·         Questions:

    o   What kind of things is Kid President thankful for?

    o   Are they the things we think of first when thinking of things to be grateful for?

    o   Why do you think it’s important to be grateful for other things?


    Nov. 19th – Gratitude

    ·         Video - https://youtu.be/sO2o98Zpzg8

    ·         Questions:

    o   What kinds of things is the song writer grateful for? (examples in the video)

    o   What’s something you’re grateful for?


    Wilder 2019/20 – Red Ribbon Week & Self Care




    Oct. 22- Red Ribbon Week

    ·         Clemens PPT for Reasons to Say No to Drugs:  Drug Free PPT 

    ·         Questions:

    o   Why is it important to the Clemens students to be self-motivated to say no to drugs?

    o   How does saying No to drugs take self-control and show responsibility?

    Oc. 29th – Self Care

    ·         Self Care PPT – Week 1

    ·         Questions:

    o   Why is it important to take care of yourself?

    o   What are 1-4 ways you take care of yourself?

    o   What’s one way you are self-controlled to take care of yourself?


    Nov. 5th  - Self Care

    ·        PPT - Week 2

    ·         Questions:

    o   How does thinking of what you’re grateful for help you feel good?

    o   What are the four areas of your life that help you be your best?