• In order to promote a healthy learning environment based on mutual respect and high expectations, we will observe the following rules and expectations:

      1. Be on time to class and ready to learn.
      2. Come to class prepared with all materials, take a seat quietly, and begin working on the bell ringer for the day.
      3. Phones are to be kept away and on silent unless you are told otherwise by me. This includes headphones/listening to music. I will let you know if you are allowed to listen to music.
      3. Follow all directions given.
      4. Actively listen to teacher instruction and participate in all activities.
      5. Complete assignments on time.
      6. See me if you are absent and need your work from previous days during tutoring hours or before/after class. (get daily bell ringers from a classmate)
      7. Do not be afraid to ask questios.
      8. Always do your best!
      Students are required to have the following supplies for this class:
      Items that will be kept in class:
      1 folder with pockets and brads 
      1 composition book or spiral
      Items needed on a daily basis:
      pen, pencil, and eraser
      red or pink pen/pencil/crayon/marker (used for grading items)
      1 set of highlighters that contain the following colors: pink, yellow, green and blue
      Loose notebook paper
      This classroom is always accepting DONATIONS. :)
      Tissue boxes, Clorox wipes, and Hand Sanitizer Bottles are definitely appreciated. Allergy and cold season will soon be upon us! Please help keep our learning environment GERM FREE!