• Credit by Exam for Acceleration


    Dates and Procedures


    Grades Kinder – 12th

                             Registration Window                                            Testing Window


    July 22-July 30

    *Counselors may submit registration for the 2018-2019 school year early if necessary during this window


    August 12-19

    *So no prior instruction occurs



    October 21-November 1

    November 18-22


    January 13-17


    February 3-7


    April 27-May 1

    *Ideal time for students wishing to advance for the next school year



    May 18-22


    *Credit by Exam for Recovering Course Credit - Please speak with Cassandra Gracia for guidance.


    Elementary (Student(s) must score an “80” or above on Day 1 tests to take Day 2 tests.) 

    • Day 1 – Science & Social Studies
    • Day 2 – Math & Reading

    *Day 2 date will be determined after the student meets minimum score. 
    The date should be before the following Request Window opens.

                Junior High and High School

                Students test out of courses and must score “80” or above to receive credit for the course.


    Procedures K-8

    Credit by Exam for Acceleration:


    1. Parent requests Credit by Exam (CBE).
    2. Counselor and/or Administrator discusses the pros and cons of student taking CBE with parent and/or student (depending on age of student).
    3. Kinder Acceleration:  Guidelines must be followed and met for any Kinder Acceleration Request.
    4. Campus Test Coordinator gives parent the district request form and informs them of the dates.
    5. Campus Test Coordinator sends completed request form to Araceli Trejo by deadline.
    6. Araceli Trejo orders test(s) for grades Kinder-8th. 
    7. Campus Test Coordinator is notified when test arrives.
    8. Campus Test Coordinator picks up test(s).
    9. Campus Test Coordinator notifies parents and students of testing date.
    10. Campus Test Coordinator tests student(s) according to testing schedule.
    11. Campus Test Coordinator scores test(s) online per test directions.
    12. Campus Test Coordinator logs in scores into the DTCs shared google sheet.  “District CBE Results Log”
    13. Campus Test Coordinator completes public advertisement (PA) of CBE registration window document.
    14. Campus Test Coordinator returns test(s) and PA to Araceli Trejo.
    15. Campus Test Coordinator notifies parents of results.
    16. Campus Test Coordinator places one copy of results in student’s permanent records.