Classroom Expectations

    1. You will keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    2. Show RESPECT for people, materials and artwork.
    3. No disruptive rude behavior or foul language. Be COURTEOUS.
    4. Clean up after yourself: your work area AND general areas
    5. All school rules, County Policies, and State Laws apply to the classroom


    Because I want our art students to be more focused and creative, there is a No Cell Phone or Electronic Device use policy in effect in the art room.  Students will have a chance to turn in their silenced phone OR to silence the phone, put it away in a bag or purse (not on their actual person), and have it remain untouched and OUT OF SIGHT the entire class period.  Cell phones MAY be used with the express permission of the teacher.

Academic Expectations:

  • Students are expected to:

    • put maximum effort into their work
    • hand work in on time
    • Be academically honest. The student MUST acknowledge all sources
    • work on art in the art room. No homework from other classes is allowed, nor is simply sitting and talking or sleeping.