• I welcome and encourage both students and parents contacting me outside of our regular 50 minutes in class. There are several options to get in touch with me:


     If you prefer email: I can be reached at htumlinson@scuc.txed.net and I will always try my best to respond within 1-2 days. 


    If you prefer texting: you can message me on Remind! to join my class:

    • text the message "@msteng2" to the number 81010

    • Once you join the class, you can message me directly. 

         Some information about Remind:

    • I use Remind primarily to communicate to students, but I welcome and encourage parents to join to stay updated on announcements and reminders I send. 

    • It is completely free to join my class. Once you join, you will recieve the classwide messages I send out, and can also message me personally. 

    • It works on any phone that has messaging abilities (not just iPhones or smartphones).

    • I will NEVER see a student's phone number and they will never see mine. 

    • Group members cannot message each other. 

         If you cannot access Remind, don't worry! I email announcements and messages in the weekly email update. 


    If you prefer talking in person: email me at the address above to set up a time (preferably at least 1 week in advance). My conference period is 1st period.