• Grades:
    Formative grades are worth 50% and summative grades are worth 50%


    Formative grades include warm ups, daily work, homework, notes, journal writing, quizzes and benchmarks. Students will be expected to complete work daily. Anything not completed in class is considered homework. 


    Summative grades include all tests, unit common assessments and projects.


    Late work: any assignment that is not submitted on the due date and class period.  All late work will only be accepted within 5 school days.  A 10 point deduction will be taken from the grade each day it is late but will not exceed 30 points for being late.


    Absent / Make up work:

    The student will be allowed two school days for every day of class missed. If students do not complete make up work in the time allotted, the late policy will apply.


  • Make Up Work:

    Students will be allowed 2 days per day absent to make up any assignments missed. After the second day per day missed the work is considered late and the late policy will apply.


    May be made up before school, after school, or during class time at teachers discression.

    Homework Corrections:

    At teachers discression may allow students to correct or redo any formative assessment they have failed.