Student Issues

  • Equal educational opportunities
    Policy FB, FFH, FFI

    The SCUCISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or disability in providing education services, activities, and programs, including vocational programs, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

    Questions or concerns about discrimination of students on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin should be directed to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, 1060 Elbel Road, Schertz, Texas 78154, 945-6200. Questions or concerns about discrimina­tion on the basis of a disability should be directed to the Assistant Superintendent of Student and Academic Services, 1060 Elbel Road, Schertz, Texas 78154, 945-6200.

    Student records
    Policy FL

    Student records are confidential and are protected from unauthorized inspection or use. Employ­ees should take precautions to maintain the confidentiality of all student records.

    The following people are the only people who have general access to a student’s records:

    ***Parents of a minor or of a student who is a dependent for tax purposes

    ***The student (if 18 or older) and is no longer a dependent for tax purposes

    ***School officials with legitimate education interests

    The student handbook provides parents and students with detailed information on student records. Parents or students who want to review student records should be directed to the campus principal for assistance.

    Parent and student complaints
    Policy FNG

    In an effort to hear and resolve parent and student complaints in a timely manner and at the lowest administrative level possible, the board has adopted orderly processes for handling complaints on different issues. Any campus office or the superintendent’s office can provide parents and students with information on filing a complaint.

    Parents are encouraged to discuss problems or complaints with the teachers or the appropriate administrator at any time. Parents and students with complaints that cannot be resolved should be directed to the campus principal. The formal complaint process provides parents and students with an opportunity to be heard up to the highest level of management if they are dissatisfied with a principal’s response. Once all administrative complaint procedures are exhausted, parents and students can bring complaints to the board of trustees.

    Administering medication to students
    Policy FFAC
    Only designated employees may administer prescription medication, nonpresecription medication and herbal or dietary supplements to students.  Exceptions apply to the self-administration of asthma medication, medication for anaphylaxis (e.g., EpiPen) and medication for diabetes management, if the medication is self-administered in accordance with district policy and procedures.  A student who must take any other medication during the school day must bring a written request from his or her parent and the medicine in its original, properly labeled container.  Contact the principal or school nurse for information on procedures that must be followed when administering medication to students.

    Student Conduct and Discipline
    Policies in the FN series and FO series

    Students are expected to follow the classroom rules, campus rules, and rules listed in the Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook. Teachers and administrators are responsible for taking disciplinary action based on a range of discipline management strategies that have been adopted by the district. Other employees that have concerns about a particular student’s conduct should contact the classroom teacher or campus principal.

    Teachers must file a written report with the principal or another appropriate administrator when they have knowledge that a student has violated the Student Code of Conduct. A copy of this report will be sent by the principal or administrator to the student’s parents within 24 hours.

    Student attendance
    Policy FEA

    Teachers and staff should be familiar with the district’s policy and procedures for attendance accounting. These procedures require students to have parental consent before they are allowed to leave campus. When absent from school, the student, upon returning to school, must bring a note signed by the parent that describes the reason for the absence. These requirements are addressed in campus training and in the student handbook. Contact the campus principal for additional information.
    Policy FFI
    Any district employee who suspects or receives notice that a student or group of students has or may have experienced bullying shall immediately notify the principal or designee.

    To obtain assistance and intervention, any student who believes that he or she has experienced bullying or believes that another student has experienced bullying should immediately report the alleged acts to a teacher, counselor, principal, or other District employee.


    The district's policy includes definitions and procedures for reporting and investigating bullying of students and can be found on the district website under Board Policy On Line, Policy FFI (Legal) and Policy FFI (Local).



    Policy FNCC, FO

    Students must have prior approval from the principal or designee for any type “initiation rites” of a school club or organization. Any teacher, administrator, or employee who observes a student engaged in any form of hazing, who has reason to know or suspect that a student intends to engage in hazing, or has engaged in hazing must report that fact or suspicion to the designated campus discipline person.