Termination of Employment

  • Resignations
    Policy DFE

    Contract employees. Contract employees may resign their position without penalty at the end of any school year if written notice is received 45 days before the first day of instruction of the fol­lowing school year. If notice is not received prior to the 45-day period, you may be subject to ineligibility for re-hire.  A written notice of resignation should be submitted to the Superintendent. Contract employees may resign at any other time only with the approval of the board of trustees. Resignation without the consent of the board may result in disciplinary action by the Texas Education Agency.

    The superintendent will notify SBEC-TEA when an employee resigns and reasonable evidence exists to indicate that the employee has engaged in any of the acts listed in Reports to the Texas Education Agency.

    Non-contract employees. Non-contract employees may resign their positions at any time. A writ­ten notice of resignation should be submitted to the Human Resources Department at least two weeks (10 school/business days) prior to the effective date. If two weeks notice is not given, you may be subject to ineligibility for re-hire.  Employees are encouraged to include the reasons for leaving in the letter of resig­nation but are not required to do so.

    Dismissal or non-renewal of contract employees

    Employees on probationary, term, and continuing contracts can be dismissed during the school year or non-renewed at the end of the year according to the procedures outlined in district policies. Contract employees dismissed during the school year, suspended without pay, or subject to a reduction in force are entitled to receive notice of the recommended action, an explanation of the charges against them, and an opportunity for a hearing. The time lines and procedures to be followed when a suspension, termination, or non-renewal occurs will be provided when a written notice is given to an employee.  Advance notification requirements do not apply when a contract employee is dismissed for failing to obtain or maintain appropriate certification or when the employee's certification is revoked for misconduct. Information on the time lines and procedures can be found in the DF policies that are provided to employees at our district web page scuc.txed.net and by clicking on “District Policies.”

    Dismissal of non-contract employees
    Policy DCD

    Non-contract employees are employed at will and may be dismissed without notice, a description of the reasons for dismissal, or a hearing. It is unlawful for the district to dismiss any employee for reasons of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, military status, any other basis pro­tected by law, or in retaliation for the exercise of certain protected legal rights. Non-contract employees who are dismissed may appeal to the Board. The dismissed employee must follow the district process outlined in this handbook when pursuing the grievance. (See Complaints and grievances, page 25)

    Exit interviews and procedures
    Policy DC

    An exit survey/questionnaire shall be conducted and a termination report prepared, if possible, for every employee who leaves employment with the District.

    All district keys, books, property, and equipment must be returned upon separation from employ­ment. The district may withhold the cost of any unreturned items from the final paycheck.

    Reports to the Texas Education Agency
    Policy DF

    The dismissal or resignation of a certified employee will be reported to the division of Investigations at TEA if there is rea­sonable evidence that the employee’s conduct involves the following:

    *Soliciting or engaging in sexual conduct or a romantic relationship
    *Any form of sexual or physical abuse of a minor or any other illegal conduct with a student or minor

    *The possession, transfer, sale, or distribution of a controlled substance

    *The illegal transfer, appropriation, or expenditure of school property or funds

    *An attempt by fraudulent or unauthorized means to obtain or alter any certificate or permit that would entitle the individual to a professional position or to receive additional compensation associated with a position

    *Committing a crime on school property or at a school-sponsored event
    Reports concerning Court-Ordered Withholding
    The district is required to report the termination of employees that are under court order or writ of withholding for child support or spousal maintenance to the court and the individual receiving the support (Texas Family Code 8.210, 158.211).  Notice of the following must be sent to the court & support recipient:
    *  Termination of employment not later than the 7th day after the date of termination
    *  Employees' last known address
    *  Name & address of the employee's new employer, if known