On-Level US History Pacing Calendar

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Student On-Line Textbook Access

  • To access the On-Line US History Textbook please follow the directions below: 


    1. Have students login their ClassLink account by going to www.SCUC.txed.net. They will then need to click on "students" and find the My SCUC Portal/ClassLink link. Your sign-in name will be and email address, which is your last name + first two initials of your first name + the last three numbers of your student ID and @scuc.txed.net.  Your password is the first two initials of your first name + your entire ID number (make sure to include the first zero).


    2. Once in ClassLink they will need to click the McGraw Hill ConnectEd button. 


    3. ClassLink will automatically log the students into their McGraw Hill ConnectEd account. The student will then need to select the US History textbook. 


    4. Once in the US History textbook, students can select the chapters and sections they are needing to access.