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General Information

  • Mobile devices in use at SCUCISD include iPads, Chromebooks, and Kindles. While most district-deployed macOS devices are iMac desktops, they are also supported through a Mobile Device Management system. The district has also begun deployment of tvOS devices for mobile interactivity in classrooms. Quotes, enrollment, deployment, and support are handled by the MDM Specialist.

    Mobile devices are used because they allow for additional affordable options for student technology especially as the use of that technology enables mobility throughout the classroom, increased communication skills and information retention, as well as enhanced student skills on devices that are used in current and future vocations. 

  • For Parents:

    As mobile devices become more common both in homes and at schools, it is important to consider how students use these devices. Apple has specifically released a webpage full of resources for parents to learn about assisting their students to make positive choices on phones or tablets: Apple Families Information. Additionally, the Mobile Device Management software in use at SCUC offers an in-home version for greater control of child devices by parents: ScreenGuide.


  • For Teachers:

    Apps for mobile devices are managed centrally for the purpose of confirming compatibility with the devices as well as integration with curriculum. As new Apps are approved and deployed to iPads, they are added to Self-Service across the entire district. For more information about Self-Service, we have a quick tutorial video: Using Self-Service on SCUC iPads.

    Adding New Apps

    To request new apps, please use the Software Request form in Eduphoria. This form is located under "Campus Administrators." If you believe an app has already been approved but you do not have it in Self-Service, please contact Steve Barnwell at ext. 6885.