Alternative OS Devices



    All iOS devices with screen sizes of 7.9” or larger and capable of running the current OS or 2 major releases prior are supported at SCUCISD for district-deployed or BYOD devices. 


    All district-deployed macOS devices will be compatible with the latest OS or 2 major releases prior. 

    Chrome OS

    All district-deployed laptops running ChromeOS must leverage the additional functions of a laptop by providing a 13” screen size and 3000 series Celeron minimum processing power (Core i3 preferred). Base models should include 4GB of RAM and 16GB of local storage. ChromeOS devices must have sealed keyboards and tempered or gorilla-glass screens. Devices must advertise a minimum 10 hour battery life. Touch-input is optional and not required.

     BYOD ChromeOS laptop devices must support 802.1x wireless network authentication.

     All district-deployed micro or stick devices running ChromeOS must have minimum quad-core processing, 16GB local storage, ethernet connectivity, and 1080p video output. 


    BYOD Android devices must support 802.1x network connectivity for use in the district.  

    BYOD Device Security

    Parents desiring additional security for devices they purchase for their students are encouraged to look into ScreenGuide or JamfNow (more technical) for parent-controlled features such as: limiting app usage, camera access, location notifications, and more. Android devices can be similarly managed through Google’s FamilyLink. 

    ScreenGuide:  http://screen.guide/

    JamfNow: https://www.jamf.com/products/jamf-now/

    FamilyLink: https://families.google.com/familylink/