Grading Policy

  • Overview:


    As per district guidelines grades will be divided into 2 categories: Summative (classroom work, homework assignments, etc..) & Formative (Tests, Projects, Essays, etc...).  Each category will count for 50% of the student's grade.


    Late Work:


    Work is expected to be turned in on the assigned due date.  This will assist me in getting all assignments graded & entered into Gradespeed in a timely manner.  All assignments & due dates are posted on a board in my classroom.  Late work will be accepted with a point deduction.  Each day work is late, there will be a ten point deduction.  Students have up to 5 days to turn in an assignment late before zero credit is given.  A maximum of 30 points total can be deducted. 


    Test Retakes:


    Students are permitted to retake a test in my classroom.  However if they had not completed the test review prior to the original test, they will be expected to do so before taking the retest.  They will also need to meet with me and make plans to come in and make up the test sometime before or after school.


    I will follow the grading policy as outlined by SCUS ISD.  I have provided the link below for a more detailed outline of the district grading procedures.