Classroom Rules & Expectations

  • Mrs. Winkler's Classroom Rules:

    Be prompt. 
                    Be on time.

    Be prepared.
                    Bring all materials, necessary work, questions, and ideas to class each day.
                    Be ready to learn once you enter my classroom.

    Be positive.
                    Use only positive language about yourself and others.
                    Be open to new learning.
                    Don’t dwell on past mistakes. Learn from them!
    Be productive.
                    Maximize learning time by staying on task and engaging in class activities and discussions.
                    Deliver your highest quality work in all you do.
    Be polite.
                    Respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and your classroom.



    Practice Good Study Habits:

    Establish a time for studying (not the period prior to class).

    Review class notes BEFORE beginning the new assignment.

    Complete all homework. One missed assignment could put you behind.

    Rework any missed homework problems.  

    When preparing for a test, don't just look over the homework. Work the problems again!

    If you do not understand something, GO TO TUTORING!