Classroom Rules & Expectations

  • I have expectations for your behavior in my class, which are guidelines for success.  As long as you follow these guidelines, you should be fine.  I also have absolute non-negotiable classroom rules that I enforce.  Please know these and follow them at all times.


    Guidelines for Success
    1. Be on time--Be ready to learn when class begins.
    2. Come prepared to learn--Have materials with you and know due dates.
    3. Respect yourselves and others--Speak in a normal tone of voice, be considerate of others, respect the school's and my property, and listen attentively.
    4. Work to your potential--Turn in work on time, and always do your best.
    5. Always do the right thing
       Non-negotiable Class Rules
            1. Stay on task
            2. Keep cell phones and other electronic devices away at all times- I follow the SCUCISD guidelines at all times, which means I will take them up and turn them into the office.
            3. Clean up after yourself - Paper trash and gum should be placed in the wastebasket.  Only bottled water is allowed in my class.
            4. Stay seated until the bell rings - and this included packing up before I giver permission to do so.  I will give you plenty of time to pack before the bell. 
     Note: In the extreme case that a student does not choose to follow the above expectations, I will call home in addition to scheduling detention hall either before, or after, school for a period of 15-30 minutes.  Please make sure I always have updated contact information.  You may email me here