Classroom Information

  •  Supply List for Mrs. Rollins's English classroom

    Every Student needs:

    • 1 Composition Notebook wide ruled  (NOT COLLEGE RULED to be kept in the classroom - no spirals either)
    • 1 binder (either for my class or shared between all of your classes)
    • loose leaf notebook paper (wide ruled)
    • pencils or pens
    • red pens
    • multi-pack highlights (MUST have pink, yellow, green & blue)

    Wish List – things that would be nice to have for total classroom use:

    • tissues
    • hand sanitizer
    • Glue Sticks
    • Ruler
    • Erasers (the big white or pink square ones)


    Class Rules

    1. Be ready
    2. Be responsible
    3. Be respectful



    1. Warning or reminder from teacher.
    2. Student Conference in the hallway.
    3. Detention and parent contact.
    4. Office referral


    Student Expectations

    1. Ask me if you have any questions or concerns.
    2. Always do your best.
    3. Work cooperatively with others and the teacher.
    4. Come to class ready and prepared.
    5. Write upcoming due dates in planner.