• Our class uses Pearson Science and Math textbooks/workbooks to supplement our lessons. Your child has a textbook that is also a workbook. We will be keeping the books at school, and will send home practice pages from the math book for homework. There is an online component available to each child. Additionally, there are "bounce pages" in their workbook that you can scan from a phone or tablet with the Pearson app that will play instructional videos with a lesson overview. You can also download and print pages from the book.



    You can access Math videos on the go with

    Pearson Bounce Pages App for smartphones

    Download the app for Math videos for help on homework. Just open the app and hover over the Math homework page and an animation illustrating the page's concept launches!


    Access your Pearson Math and Science Book online, Math instructional videos, access to lessons for absences or Science videos and virtual labs.

    Login: last name, first two letters of their first name, last 3 digits of their lunch number,

    Password: first two letters of their first name, zero, lunch number

    Example: Melissa Lamberts


    Password: me062555













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